Jun 23, 2023 in Business, Wealth Management

The AI revolution and the companies that stand to benefit

Like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. With increasing accessibility to complex technologies like AI, how does it impact businesses and the investment landscape?

In The Fifth Person article by Polka Mishra, Partner and Managing Director at Javelin Wealth Management, she identified three areas in which businesses would be affected by AI:

1. Operational disruption due to AI’s ability to automate routine tasks, forcing businesses to reconsider their workforce strategies;
2. Competitive reshaping as AI-enabled competitors are able to harness AI models to make better business decisions; and
3. Accelerated innovation across sectors with AI functioning as an “always on” 24/7 assistant

As a result, the eventual market leader will be the one that harnesses AI to obtain greater market share and increases capital and operational efficiencies, while expanding profit margins.

Thanks to The Fifth Person for this opportunity to share our views – read the full article here: https://lnkd.in/g9GrJBNn

At Javelin Wealth Management, we are constantly monitoring market trends to deliver superior long-term returns to our clients. If you need help in reaching your long-term wealth management goals, feel free to drop us a message!


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